Steve Greenoe

While technically a transplant to Raleigh, Steve doesn't let his New Orleans roots and affinity for jazz music stop him from feeling like any less of a Raleigh local. 

After graduating high school, he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps, serving the 1st Marine Division in Camp Pendleton, California. Honorably discharged, he returned home to attend NC State University, where he earned a degree in History with focuses on Political Science and Military History.

After graduating, Steve accepted a commission and returned to government employ as an officer with some of the world's most elite Special Forces, including the French Foreign Legion Paratroopers.


Steve's interest, talent, and passion for residential construction first began as a teenage handyman and continued when he returned home from deployments. During these precious times at home, he would work on home improvement tasks for family and friends, ranging from popcorn ceiling removal to complete renovation of a movie theatre. Now retired from the USMC, Steve is enjoying the opportunity to focus on construction full time.

With over 20 years of experience working in construction, including building skyscrapers for the Galadari family in Dubai, he approaches every house like it's his own. At his own admission, he gets creatively invested in each project like he was still working on his own mother's home. 

Whether you're looking for a basic project or a highly specialized customization, Steve is dedicated to creating something truly bespoke to you that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.



As the tagline suggests, Jessica often wears two hats. While her primary function with Greenoe Enterprises is administration, she also brings to the table her up-to-date knowledge of current market and design trends in the area as a licensed North Carolina real estate broker. Her insight into the psychology, needs, and desires of today's home buyers and sellers provides invaluable counsel to Steve during consults with clients and the design phase of renovation projects.

Jessica Mohr

Also a Raleigh native, Jessica is proud to call herself a professional problem-solver. Shortly after earning her B.A., she returned to school to pursue an NC real estate broker's license, eagerly jumping into the Raleigh-Durham market feet-first. While she no longer works in an office on a regular basis, Jessica provides administrative services for Greenoe Enterprises as bookkeeper, business planner, and the first voice you'll hear when working with us.


Dax found his way to the Greenoe Enterprises family in the fall of 2018. He was taken into a local rescue called Second Chance Pet Adoptions shortly before his second birthday, weighing only 48lbs. Healthy, adult male Rottweilers are typically between 100-120lbs. 

Adopted from his foster family, Dax was quick to take to the routine of his new life, even after taking a few tries to get down the steps without falling! He soon put on 40lbs, then gave back 10 after getting a little too round for his veterinarian's liking. With a big Rottie personality and paws he'll never quite grow into, Dax is a poster child for canine rescue and rehabilitation!



At Greenoe Enterprises, Dax provides a happy, upbeat working environment for his coworkers. He's never complained about reporting for work and loves to protect job sites from intruders, especially those audacious squirrels who think every lawn is their own. It's not. That lawn is Dax's. At least until he has to go home.

Dax enjoys long swims in the lake, harassing his humans for attention, and eating everything in sight. His joyful and relentlessly happy personality puts smiles on faces wherever he goes.